Rockin Rob's DJ Service
Thank you for visiting Rockin' Rob's DJ Service website.  Rockin' Rob's
is a DJ company that specializes in wedding receptions in the Central
Minnesota area.

Your wedding will be one of the biggest days of your life.  Everything
has to be perfect.

What will you remember most about your wedding?  The food?  The
flowers?  Maybe.  Think back to any wedding you were just at; what do
you remember about the night?  Most people remember if the DJ and/or
the music was great or terrible.  

While music counts for less than 10% of your wedding budget, it is one
of the most memorable aspects of your wedding. Rockin' Rob's DJ
Service specializes in providing music and sound for both your
wedding and reception.

We believe in a few things:

1. Keep it simple. No confusing packages, up-sells, or time restrictions.  
    Unlimited time and one price.  Easy.

2. We are employed by you.  Your day; your rules.  You can decide            
     play lists, requests, times for us to be start and stop, and other            
     decisions.  Your call.

3. Value.  We will video and take pictures of your reception as well.  No   
     extra charge.

It would be an honor to be part of your day!!
Rockin' Rob's DJ Service
"Makin' Music Memories"