Common Questions...
Frequently Asked Questions
Aren't DJs all the same?

There are many different types of DJ's (club, bar, radio, etc), each specializing in their chosen field. Many
Mobile DJs can't beat mix while many Club DJs would be lost trying to coordinate and announce
formalities at a wedding.

Even among Mobile DJs there are specific categories. Some Disc Jockeys are "Hip Hop", others
concentrate on Karaoke. Some do corporate events and others primarily do kids parties. Obviously you
wouldn't want a DJ for your wedding who's training and experience is mostly limited to Bar Mitzvahs.

It's good to have experience in all DJ disciplines, types of events and styles of music. A DJ who can
coordinate and work with staff and other event pros, expertly pick and mix songs and has a good
personality has the versatility for any event.

Are large entertainment companies a good resource to find a DJ?

They can be but you do not always have the opportunity to personally meet DJ candidates at a large DJ
"farm" or third party Entertainment Broker.  Usually you do not speak directly to your DJ at one of these
companies.  It is key that you know your DJ at your wedding.  

I saw a really low price for a DJ, should I hire them?

It depends on what they supply and what your needs are. If you are having a backyard party that doesn't
necessitate coordination, announcements or even a personality, you may be fine. Keep in mind that low
budget DJs are less likely to use top quality equipment, have adequate back up equipment, training and
experience, or have reliable transportation.   There is a saying out there: You get what you pay for.

There are many horror stories about "DJs" who either didn't show up, were late, sent a replacement,
dressed badly, hit on guests, played the wrong music or otherwise didn't act professionally.  It is a risk
with a "budget DJ."

Do you provide a written contract?

Yes.  A contract is important for both parties so there is no confusion on what is expected from me or
from you.  There will be no surprises the day of your event.

Does your DJ booth have advertisement on it?

It's your day not ours and it's our job to make it memorable.  This means that only time we mention our
name is during the introduction and never again.  Your wedding is not our commercial.    We don't
promote, hang our company banner, or take away from you or your decorations during the wedding.  

Will you just provide music for my reception, or will you also MC and coordinate it?

There is so much more to a wedding reception than just playing music!  We will be actively involved with
all aspects of the reception from before the time the first guests arrive until the event concludes.  All of
the formalities will be done in a timely manner and we work with the facility as well as other
professionals to make sure everything is done in a coordinated effort.  We realize that flexibility is
important to your reception and we will respond decisively to your direction.  Should the unexpected
arise, rest assured that we will handle every situation expeditiously and professionally.

What kind of music do you play?

What type of music do you want to hear?  Your guests will have a wide range of musical tastes so we
will accommodate all those interests.  We carefully go over your tastes of music at our consultations.  
During your wedding dance you will hear a huge variety of music to satisfy all those musical interests.  
Our library spans all types of music from the 40’s to present day.  In addition to our resources we will do
everything possible to acquire your special requests that are provided to us at least a week prior to your
event.  You may, of course, provide any favorites you wish in CD or MP3 format.

Can I request a certain type of music not be played?

Yes.  It's your day, you call the shots!

Our only suggestion that you consider your guests as well.  

What type of equipment do you use?

We are equipped with the best state-of-the-art professional equipment.  Our system is self-contained,
non-obtrusive and neat.  Our system is equipped with cordless and corded microphones, full light
shows, powered speakers and laptop computer.  We guarantee a top-quality musical experience and a
pleasing appearance.

What about the volume of your equipment?

A wedding is not a rock concert.  If you think the volume is too loud; tell us.  You will not offend us by
telling us to turn up or turn down the volume.  We stand behind the speakers and sometimes it is tough
for us to gauge if the volume is not perfect.

How will the DJ interact with my guests?

Rockin' Rob's DJ Service puts the focus where it belongs, on you and your family and friends.  We make
the proper announcements and play the right music at the right time to get people up and dancing.  We
know that your event will be remembered by your guests for many years to come as a rockin' experience.

What if people don't dance?

This is extremely rare. Keep in mind that, as the hosts or guest of honor, your guests will often take their
cue from you. If you are on the dance floor they are more likely to be as well.

It sometimes takes a while for the dancing to get going. A good DJ will not panic. He will just keep on
playing a great mix, as if his dance floor is already packed. If people aren't dancing, it just means they
are not yet ready. Usually, even the most hesitant party-goers eventually come around.

How long does it take to set up and when will you show up for my event?

We will be ready!  We know that ample time must be allowed for set-up, sound checks and proper
coordination with the facility, caterers, etc.  We always arrive in plenty of time to do so….usually about
one hour before your event begins.   We are always ready to go no less than 30 minutes before your
event start time.  

How will the DJ dress?

Profession Dress.  Dress shirt, tie and slacks.  If you would like a to dress down, please let us know.

Do you take breaks?

We have no need for breaks.  Our service is uninterrupted.  To shut down your entertainment for a break
would disrupt the atmosphere we have worked so hard to create.  

Is a “tip” expected?

There is no expectation of a gratuity. If, on the other hand, you feel that we have gone beyond the call of
duty, any expression of your gratitude is always appreciated.

Should we provide a meal?

A meal is not expected.  We are not guests.  However we won't turn down a meal if it is offered.  We are
usually working a 12 hour day during a wedding so a meal is nice but not necessary.