To be honest  all DJ's have the same equipment.  Speakers, amplifiers,
lights, and CD or MP3 players.  There are many different brand names and
sizes but all play music.  My equipment is top of the line and up to date.  I
run all my songs on laptop computer in a digital MP3 format.  All songs are
in a database which means no more skips from CD's, a quick search
feature that helps me look up song requests for your guests instantly,
and I can physically bring more songs to a show since I don't have to
bring a large CD library to each show.

Your special day is supposed to elegant and not a rock concert.  You
probably do not need 8 speakers that go from floor to ceiling to make
your guests happy.  I use two JBL speakers on stands that can fill a small
room at the local VFW or it has the capacity to carry great sound in the
largest room in a civic center.  The biggest pet peeve at any dance is the
music being too loud.  I take pride to keeping the music at a reasonable
level so everyone can have fun.

I also have plenty of lights.  I have 4 colored pin spot lights, 4 multicolor
speciality lights, strobe light, mirror ball, multicolor aggressor light, fog
machine, cordless microphone, 2 corded microphones, and a laser light.  
Each light has its own special patterns, and I will control the lights with
the beat of the music.

Along with equipment is the DJ himself.  I am the owner and operator.  I
will be the contact person from start to finish.  I book, price, meet with
you, and will DJ the event.  I do not hire out anyone else to do an event.  
You are trusting the biggest day of your life in a DJ company so you
probably do not want to trust it to someone who will call in sick and not
care. I do have a back up in case an emergency happens with me.  
Phone 320-267-6432