Two Choices:
DJ companies have different packages, prices, levels, and confusing
gimmicks.  I try to keep it simple with no hidden charges.


What does that include?

Unlimited Time
Social Music
Dinner Music
Dance Music
DVD.  I tape the wedding dance and burn a DVD for you.  You keep the       
DVD so you can remember this night forever.
Cordless Mic and Huge Light System
A DJ who knows how to make your night Awesome!


All weddings in the Central Minnesota area (Sauk Rapids, Sartell, Waite
Park, St. Joe, Avon, Albany), Call me I am pretty flexible on place for this
price.) costs $
900.  That's it.  This includes dinner music, mileage, dance
music, cordless microphone and a full light show.  I will travel too.

Dinner Music.  Many brides and grooms enjoy having some light Jazz,
Classical, or Rhythm and Blues playing in the background while guests
are eating and visiting.  Another nice thing of having my equipment set up
during the dinner is the use of cordless microphone.  When your best
man or maid of honor make that unforgettable speech you want to make
sure everyone can hear them.

Dance Music.  The dances, songs, and activities will all be customized to
your tastes.  We will go over play lists, songs, and activities with you see
what songs are a must have and what songs are a have not. Keep in mind
this will be the biggest day of your life so we are going to make sure it is

Video.  I set up a Video Camera next to me on the DJ Table.  I tape the fun
dances, speeches, crazy uncles, and so forth.  However I am a DJ first and
tape the event as free service for you.  Please do not substitute me for a
Professional Videographer.  The finished DVD I will mail to you within a
week of your wedding day.  Usually it is 3-4 hours of footage burned to
two DVDs when I am done.

Basically for Your Day, all day, you have a DJ at your beck and call.  
Unlimited time*.

Pretty Simple: $
900.  No hidden fees. No extra charges.
Value vs. Price
Phone 320-267-6432

This gets 4 hours of dance music and video.